Income tax is the smallest revenue stream available to the government, the major ones are prosperity and enterprise generators. For decades the government has fed you the line that "The country needs income tax in order to provide you services"

No such thing, the government would keep on running just fine without any income tax being collected from anyone.
Fear of the IRS and CRA keeps people in line
But fear no more
There IS an easy way to live your life without losing a huge percentage of your earnings to Income Tax
Would you like to take home 93% of the money you earn?

Would you like to be proof against Garnishee?

Would you like to be proof against Court Judgements?

Would you like to be proof against Audit?

Would you like to avoid paying income on retained earnings
Avoidance and Evasion are not the same
Evasion is a crime, Avoidance is not
We are in the business of helping ordinary people keep most of the money they earn without worrying about the taxman coming down on them sometime in the future, our service can give you an immediate increase in pay and make a huge difference in your life.

Our service makes you an incorporated employee, it's a system that is transaprent to you, that is, you do not have to do anything. Everything is automatic, you get your salary or wages just as before except that there are no payroll deductions, next time you get paid, take a good look at the amount of money the government has taken, for many it's the difference between renting and owning your own home.
Everyone Has Fear

This time of the year, many people are considering taking having their tax returns prepared by a professional tax service, there are many around town. For the most part they all do a good job, however, when you walk into one of these places the first question you should ask is “ do you take the liability for the correctness of this return?”
The answer will always be “No”
No matter how far up the ladder you go, no matter how much you pay, whether you are an individual or a business No one will accept liability for your return. It’s not possible, they have no way of knowing whether your employer or accountant gave you the correct figures.
In order to have an income, and pay no tax without the fear of being caught up in the clutches of CRA, or the IRS you MUST move the liability onto someone else.
Many people have worked for an employment agency, they do not accept liability for your tax return, you are  in the same position as everyone else except the agency takes a chunk of your money.
For the wealthier people who are looking for a Tax haven, the problem still remains, no one, including financial advisers or others who say they can help you will accept (in writing) the liability for your taxes.

There may be other places in Canada or the USA where you can find someone who will accept liability, and put it in a contract, but they would have to be very well informed.
we are one of the few corporations that completely accept the liability for your taxes, this means that the taxation authorities will NEVER ask you to account for taxes on income,

Once you become an incorporated employee, you will never have to worry about taxes again, not only that, but a reduction in income tax from your present rate down to 7%, will have a dramatic and immediate effect on your life, there will be more money in your pocket, for some people this could amount to a pay raise of 25%, without an additional burden on your employer. Should you change jobs, your incorporated employee status can go with you.

This system has been working for over 20 years, it is exactly the same system wealthy people use to pay no income tax, the method is legal, viable and most of all, highly beneficial to you!.

You are the person who creates wealth , we believe you should be the main beneficiary.

Tax havens, Tax shelters, Tax deferral schemes, they amount to nothing unless you can get rid of your liability to pay taxes.
Nothing on earth will save you from the depredations of CRA or IRS all the time they recognize you as having the liability to pay any taxes.
Once you have removed the presumption that you are liable, the taxman will look elsewhere for payment, Once you are no longer liable, you have effectively become invisible to the tax collector. Then you can continue to live your life free of that particular worry.
here is the question we face all the time,
“ If I don't have an income, how do I get a loan or a mortgage?”, it's a valid question , fortunately, the answer is simple and accepted by banks and other financial institutions. We will provide, upon request a statement of your earnings as received from your employer, this satisfies the Bank that you are in a position to service the debt, on top of this, as you are paying no income tax, your take home earning are higher than they would be if you were employed in the usual manner.
There are other benefits to be had by using our method, in British Columbia, if you have no income, then MSP is free, this can amount over $120.00 per month for some families, if you put this amount into Blue Cross each month you can get enhanced prescription AND dental benefits. It is probably the same in your Province or State. For the average working family, this is a huge financial headache taken care of.
As any parent knows, kids get hurt, adults can get sick or injured, to know that you are covered in every way possible makes life a lot easier to bear if things go wrong.
Our plan will change your life for the better, it is up to you to do something about it, this is a unique method of improving your life and your income without cost or risk, why not give us your details so we can find a plan for you.


Whilst the  Wealth Guardian TM process can benefit most of the working people in Canada, and the USA,there are some occupations that it may not be good for .
If you are working part time and are liable to be laid off at any time, then this is not for you, also if you are already working for an agency, you may find it impossible to use the Wealth Guardian TM method.
The ideal candidate who can benefit the most is already working at a steady job, preferably in a company with ten to fifteen employees, this process would be appreciated the most by your employer by relieving them of the remittance and tax calculation work they have to do each month. As far as you are concerned there is no change in the way you get paid, each payday you get your cheque  on time just as before, all the background transfers are done instantaneously.
If you run your own business you will benefit the most, not only can we reduce your personal income tax to 7% but we can have a huge impact on your corporate tax level. For  people in the construction or manufacturing business, this means there is more money available to buy updated equipment, too often, small business are constantly strapped for cash to upgrade because the profits are being swallowed up by taxation, also the burden of filling out tax returns and remittances each month can be a real drain on the energy of the owner.
In the summer, there are usually a lot of migrant workers who come here to earn some money in the fields, these are people  who may have families to support in India or Mexico, they earn little enough and often live in harsh conditions, for them to be taxed on their income is to deprive families of money that is essential to their survival, for the farmer in the lower mainland who relies on these workers, being able to give them more money in their pocket as well as relieving themselves of the bookwork associated with hiring them is a blessing for all concerned

The question of liability is dominant, once liability for the taxes owing is established, everyone can relax, the game is set.
As far as
Wealth GuardianTM is concerned, they have the liability for any errors or ommisions in your income tax return.
Where does this leave you? And how is it done? And why isn't everyone doing it?.
The reasons are,
1. You are in the clear with nothing to worry about.
2. For
Wealth GuardianTM, this is routine, for over 20 years we have been enabling ordinary people to take advantage of the corporate employee status in the income tax act, and without challenge have changed the lives of thousands of people.
3. The reason everyone is not doing it is simple, not everyone has the knowledge and expertise to make the process work.

Regardless of their level of professionalism, most accountants will not undertake a project of this type, with the resultant liabilities that arise from it.

When you become part of the
Wealth GuardianTM process, instead of  being employed by your present employer, you are employed by us. We hire you out to your  employer as a contract worker.
From your present employers point of view there are  some immediate benefits. - They are no longer liable to deduct anything from your wages, whatever you earn is what you get paid - minus 7% of your wages which is passed onto us as our fee.

From your point of view, the benefit is that you take home 93% of your wages, so if you make $15.00 per hour, you take home $13.95.
From this you have to pay CPP and WCB or the equivalent in the USA, you do not pay EI (employment insurance) deductions because as a contract worker you do not get EI, so if you are in a job where you may be laid off without warning, this is not the plan for you. Your present employer would also give you their share of CPP.

As we are hiring you out (out sourcing) we are responsible to pay any income tax you may owe, it is no longer your responsibility (or liability).
Instead of forwarding you your wages, we keep them and lend you the same amount of money. There is a fair rate of interest on this money as required by law, but - we never ask you to pay the loan, so at the end of the year when filling out your income tax form, you put down that your income is zero, from our end, the money we lend you is offset by the money we receive from your employer. All this is done instantly by bookwork, your wages pass straight from your employer to you just as before.

The income tax payable on the money we receive from your employer is our problem and we know how to deal with it in a manner that satisfies both the CRA and the IRS

The Process
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